Our Ethos

Save our BBC Campaign

We’re a campaigning organisation, fighting to save today’s BBC TV, radio and online programmes and services, which are under threat of cutbacks. UK media is the best in the world. The BBC is the jewel in the crown of British broadcasting and is renowned and trusted throughout the world. We want this service to survive; do you?

World Class BBC

World Class BBC

The future of the BBC will be decided during its next Charter and Licence Fee Reviews in 2016 and there are many proposals that would harm it. UK Public Service Broadcasting has declined seriously in recent years and the next review is likely to encourage this trend to continue.

Unless we, the audiences, FIGHT to make our views heard the BBC will suffer and the standards of broadcasting will continue to fall. As a result we will lose invaluable and much loved programmes and services.

We all enjoy our own parts of the BBC’s broadcasting. Only by uniting and making our presence felt will we save what is critical and precious to us.

Everyone has their own personal BBC – everyone bands together to make up the audiences of all the BBC’s output, services, programmes and content.

We all value and want to keep our BBC; however, we don’t think a lot about the detail of its production. It is based and founded on the principles of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB). The BBC and PSB play a crucial part in building our society and communities. When we allow our politicians and regulators to mess about with PSB it is at our peril because once it is lost it’s irrecoverable.