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Campaign on FacebookThe Facebook campaign aims to spread the word about the threat to the BBC and build campaign momentum. Please encourage people to like us on Facebook as well as to follow us on other social media.

Please contact Save Our BBC with any additional material – all suggestions gratefully received!

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The BBC is under attack from all sides. Newspapers, Politicians and some other media organisations are determined to bring it down. I value my BBC and want to support it. If you feel the same please repost, like Save Our BBC and join the campaign at 

Save Our BBC is the independent campaign that ensures the voice of the audience is heard in the debate over the future of the BBC charter. Support them at 

Repost Please support Save Our BBC in their independent campaign to save the BBC 

The BBC is under attack! If you value BBC services please like Save Our BBC Repost

I enjoy using the BBC and regard it as good value. If you agree please join Save Our BBC in their campaign to help the BBC survive and thrive at the renewal of their charter




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