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The Save Our BBC Campaign is pleased that the BBC has survived the recent Charter Review and Licence Fee renewal processes and continues to thrive. However, some threats remain as indicated further down this home page and elsewhere on our website. Also we remain concerned that the new governance arrangements for the BBC do not meet the need for accountability to the Licence Fee Payers, audiences and users of the BBC’s services in ways which satisfy the findings of our Independent Inquiry about that. We are therefore considering the future of our organisation and will announce the decisions we make about that over the summer of 2018. In the meantime if you want to offer any suggestions or comments please do contact us on We are continuing to tweet some of our views and news items on @SaveOurBBC_CIC .

Mark Rylance wolf hallMark Rylance

Personal Message of Endorsement
for BBC from Sir Mark Rylance


It isn’t over: BBC remains under great threat; we must continue to fight cutbacks; see Call to Arms here

Shadow Culture Secretary Tom Watson MP kindly paid tribute to Save Our BBC in House of Commons debate on 18th October here

House of Lords Debate about NEW BBC CHARTER on 12th October 2016 here

Save Our BBC’s briefing note to Peers who spoke in debate here. Save Our BBC and our “Missing Link” point mentioned three times in debate; references here.

Independent Inquiry published 1st September 2016
major finding, conclusions and recommendations see report here

Will you be happy to lose your favourite BBC programmes & services?

Headlines say the BBC has a new 11-year Charter and is safe – but it isn’t

£800m of cuts have to be made because of the latest licence fee “settlement”. You and your family are very probably among the 97% of UK people who view and listen to over 18 hours of BBC content per week 

call to arms logoSo will you be happy to lose your favourite BBC programmes & services?

When the BBC announces the next round of cuts protest and petitions will be much too late to save them

We are the only independent campaign representing you – the audience – who lobbies in advance of cuts. We are saving your much loved and wanted BBC programmes

But we need your help. If you and your family value and cherish the BBC please read our ‘Call to Arms’, join and support us.

Cutbacks Already:

  • BBC Three off terrestrial tv
  • Open Golf tv coverage lost
  • Reduced factual number of specialist commissioners.
  • More repeats
  • Severe cutbacks in local radio already
  • Nearly lost Asian Network
  • Nearly lost BBC 6 Music
  • BBC Travel online removed
  • BBC Radio 2 overnight live programmes cut 
  • Bake Off & Top Gear presenters lost 
  • Three hundred key production specialists laid off

Tip of the iceberg…

…compared to what could come following 2016 Charter & Licence Fee Renewals:

  • Radio 1 & Radio 2 to be sold off 
  • Fewer natural history programmes and no more Planet Earth series
  • No consultation with audience, just announcements of cuts 
  • Reduced episodes of soaps, dramas & factual programmes
  • BBC Three sold off 
  • Programme & service losses forecast
  • Many more staff cuts threatened
  • £800m savings must be made over next few years
  • BBC website to be decimated
  • More cutbacks in local radio
  • Much less sports coverage
  • BBC Four closed or just online
  • Licence fee abolished and remnants of BBC to be funded by advertising and/or subscription
  • More repeats
  • Less specialist programmes
  • Reduced frequency and volume of popular entertainment programmes

Is this what we want?

To campaign to save our BBC we need to keep track of developments, inform you the audience and BBC service users because no one else will and harness all of us to fight to ensure the BBC survives and thrives.

This has and is taking a lot of time, effort and energy. We’ve run this with a lot of voluntary effort and we’re fiercely not-for-profit. But we do need technical and staff resources for the future to see this through. We need an increased volume of support to show the decision-makers that they damage Our BBC at their peril. We ask a small one off contribution to show everyone our commitment and strength in numbers.

We promise to work steadfastly on your behalf and keep you fully informed of the ideas and threats and all our activities and to give you lots of opportunities to have your say in things.

We all have our own BBC – the programmes and services we use and love. We take them for granted. They are fixtures; aren’t they? Well, NO! The BBC remains under great threat. The Licence Fee Settlement means £800m of cuts have to be made in the next few years. Powerful people would still like to diminish it, dumb it down, sell it off, reduce its programmes, do less and be less independent. It will be lost unless we do something about it NOW.

  • Do we want and value ‘our BBC’? Of course! It’s been a key part of our lives since 1922. Do we want it still to be there for ourselves, our children and grandchildren?
  • Are we going to make our voices heard? Do we want the BBC to remain fully independent and owned by us, the licence fee payers and not become a Government department or agency, or commercial subsidiary?
  • Will we pay a fair price for greater efficiency in providing us with the existing  and new programmes and services?
  • Do we want the BBC to continue to develop and adapt to technological advances?
  • 97% of us (UK adults) use the BBC every week for things we value and love; do we want to keep that?

If we want some or all of the above we have to say so loud and clear – NOW!  Support the Save Our BBC campaign to make your voice heard.


Save Our BBC is our campaign to ensure the decision makers know what we, the audience, want and that they fail to deliver it at their peril. We need evidence of people’s views. Joining this campaign voluntarily will show that you have an opinion and the greater the numbers that join, the more influence your voice will have. The organisers of the campaign have no particular axe to grind, we just want to ensure your views are heard.

The BBC Royal Charter and Licence Fee have been renewed in 2016. The debate has started and decisions will be made after the General Election on 7 May 2015.

Our aims are:

  • To see the BBC survive and thrive
  • To see the contribution to UK citizenship by the BBC recognised
  • To ensure the BBC is recognised as cultural, contributing to our civil society and not ‘just a consumable’ during the coming eleven years with its new Royal Charter & Licence Fee Settlement.

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UK TV licence fee significantly lower than Germany (£174) and Sweden (£184), via international comms report:

Jon Snow: ‘I would defend the BBC to the death’; and Corbyn critics ‘experiencing fear’

RT : Yes so ( Please do,it really is a treasure not to be messed around by politicians